By Dr. Chris DeRienzo

Published June 2019 • 220 pages
ISBN 9781733733502 • eISBN 9781733733519
$17.00 PB | $9.99 EB • MEMOIR | MEDICINE

#1 New Release in in Pediatric Perinatology & Neonatology


Every year, nearly 4 million babies are born in the United States. Most arrive safely and go home with their families in a matter of days. But not all babies come into the world healthy and almost half a million arrive well before they are expected. These newborns need tiny medicine.

Told from the first-person perspective, Dr. Chris DeRienzo–a neonatologist, health system leader and frequent keynote speaker from Asheville, NC–walks readers through the human experience of caring for the world’s smallest and sickest patients. His stories share the absurd and the sublime parts of being a doctor and detail how they have shaped who he is as a husband, father, and person.

Readers will learn the secrets of the NICU, the loneliness that comes with life and death decisions, and the incredibly powerful sense of purpose and triumph that comes with just making it through the night and keeping everyone alive. In the end, Tiny Medicine delivers an insider’s view of a doctor’s life never before accessible without a white coat.



Dr. Chris DeRienzo

Dr. Chris DeRienzo is a physician committed to improving America’s health and returning humanity to the practice of medicine. Recognized by Modern Healthcare as one of 15 “Up and Comers” Under 40, Chris currently serves as Chief Medical Officer for Cardinal Analytx and sees his patients in the Mission Children’s NICU follow-up clinic. A frequent keynote speaker on the intersection of humanity and technology in healthcare, he advises both state and national governments and companies from early-stage ventures to the Fortune 500 on issues related to healthcare quality, safety, and analytics. He lives with his family in Asheville, NC.


“By lifting the shield that protects his heart, Dr. DeRienzo provides a rare glimpse into what it means to be both human and a doctor.  He proves that as physicians we do not have to check our souls at our patients’ doors, and his stories give readers hope that healthcare can be healed.”

– Dr. Bridget Duffy, CMO Vocera Communications, Inc.